Tony Carr, born George Caruana in 1927, is a retired Maltese drummer and percussionist who emigrated to the UK in 1952 to pursue his dream of breaking into the music industry. Spotted in Malta by Tito Burns, he auditioned that year in London but his breakthrough came in 1954 when he joined Billy Eckstine for a European tour. Tony was a most sought-after session player in London in the years 1954 to early 1980s. In the 1960s, John Cameron, noted jazz and pop pianist, conductor and arranger, recruited Tony Carr as his first-call session player. Ella Fitzgerald, Sixto Rodriguez, Donovan, Alan Price, Paul McCartney are just a few of those with whom Tony worked.

                                                                 -extract from on-going academic research by Joseph Camilleri


Listen to Tony speak about how he got the job with Billy Eckstine


Excerpt from Harold McNair's Album 

Photo courtesy of Tony Carr